[quote_simple author=””]Diversification is the key to investment success. A wide spread of investments is the wild card. The three most important principles of a safe financial investment are: diversification, diversification and further diversification. It is very important to distribute your investments among various asset classes. [/quote_simple] [col type=”1″ class=”” rem=”false”]


The fund is open to any investor, with a minimum investment of $5,000 and maximum of $100,000. There is also a 24-month note offering @ target fixed interest rate of 10 – 15% annually.
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The car fund, which mainly invests in cars and cars related services (tangible assets), is an investment utility that helps average individuals break into the investment world with low initial capital and low risk. It also provides the tools for experienced investors to diversify their existing portfolios with minimum exposure to traditional market risk.
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Buying and selling cars can be a solid investment opportunity. With used cars being the preferred medium, average annual returns for a used car investment is about 48% annually. The beauty of investing in cars is that investors can invest as much or as little as they want and profits are distributed semi-annually to all investors.
The majority of families nationwide own at least one car, and many families own two or more, making the market for them extremely liquid. This means there is always a market for the cars we are selling, and if we choose the right models and price competitively, it can be very profitable and successful business model. Of course, this depends on how well we can judge the market, as well as the strength of the deals we are able to secure.

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The Car Fund objective is to flip vehicles at very low prices to generate quick returns for investors. Inventory turnover is very high. The Car Fund provides low risk alternative to the highly fluctuating and risky stock market. Investing in cars is considered to be suitable investment in unstable and uncertain economy.
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Our target return on investment is projected to be between 10 to 20% with low market risk. Our goal is help average individuals or investors to break into the investment world by investing in cars with minimum exposure to market risk, which will make us a major player in the automotive marketplace. We believe that cheaper buying prices matched with a higher and more expensive selling point is the best business model to push for.

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The Car Fund is open to any individuals looking to invest in the AUTO industry or just looking to make extra income. It is also open to seasoned investors who are looking for an alternative investment to diversify their existing portfolios.
Investing in cars is very suitable for individuals who do not have enough capital to start-up or purchase a business or individuals who do not feel qualified to invest on their own, either because of the lack of enough capital or the lack of enough investing experience.
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The Fund, under normal circumstances, will invest an average of about 90% of the Fund’s assets in buying and selling Cars, the weighting may be changed in the reasonable opinion of the Investment Manager. A particular focus will be laid on equities of the automotive industry related to Used Cars.

In addition, the Investment Manager may invest in various products related to the automotive industry, including Special Finance, New Cars, and Inspection Services, which may be designed to minimize risk or for hedging purposes. The Fund may also have residual cash balances invested in Car Warranties and Service Contracts.

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The Car Fund collects investments from potential investors who are looking to make extra income or looking to diversify their portfolios. The investment manager then finds great deals on cars, performs any necessary maintenance work and then flips the vehicle for profit. While this can be a very hand-on investment, it can also deliver a strong investment yield. Think of it like flipping houses but with much less capital needed and with no credit check.

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The Investment Manager will provide discretionary investment management services, in accordance with the investment objectives, policy and limits of the Fund. It shall act under the supervision of the fund Advisors.
The Investment Manager will be assisted by the investment advisory, consultant board and externally recognized experts in the field of New and Used Cars. The cars purchased by the fund will be inspected and guaranteed by our professional inspectors, and fully insured.[/col] [col type=”1″ class=”” rem=”false”]


The Investment Manager permanently screens realized sales prices for New and Used Cars which periodically get reported by independent providers such as KBB and VAUTO in order to assess overall market conditions for these cars and recognize the formation of certain buying and selling market trends.

Prior to acquiring a particular car, the Investment Managers conducts a thorough due diligence of that car, analyze all Car Facts such as its ownership history, optional equipment, engine details, Car Fax and Auto check reports, etc.

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  1. Flipping cars at affordable prices is known to be one of the most lucrative and robust investments around.
  2. Many investors are recognizing the rising returns in used cars as a low-risk asset, but they do not have the resources or the expertise to buy the right cars, nor do they wish to store and maintain them. We’re providing the investment vehicle for any individual who wants to invest in used cars as a part of their f portfolio.
  3. Many individuals like to invest in physical assets such as cars rather than invest in financial assets where they can see and touch the tangible assts.
  4. The Car Fund average Target Returns is projected to be about 10% to 15% with very low risk and no penalties for early termination, compared to traditional financial funds:
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  • Stock fund: 10% (high risk / High initial investment)
  • Bond fund: 6% (long term)
  • Mutual funds: 3% (high fees)
  • Annuities: 7% (penalties for early termination)
  • Bank CD’s: 1.75% (for 36 months term)
  • Saving accounts: .01%
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Car Fund is an investment opportunity designed with average individuals and investors in mind.


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