Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the OTOMOOCH?

OTOMOOCH Is the car buyer who makes unreasonable low offers to get the lowest price available. Dealers don’t like MOOCHES because they go from one place to another looking for the best prices on a vehicle and they waste the dealership time. Guess what, MOOCHES are smart with their money and if you are a CAR-MOOCH, We want your business!!

Q: What is OTOMOOCH!?

OTOMOOCH! is an internet business model that is built on a new technology platform called “Online Vehicle Price Exchange Platform (OVPE)”. In it’s final structure, OTOMOOCH! is a used car marketplace that connects buyers and seller in a safe and transparent environment without middlemen or dealerships. The amazing thing is, with dealers out of the picture, Buyers will actually pay less than they would at a dealership and sellers get more than at a dealership

As far as compliance, OTOMOOCH! is a state-licensed and bonded dealer registered with California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV).

Q: How does OTOMOOCH! work?

We move vehicles from the people who own them to the people who need them in a very efficient way. We provide the medium for buyers and sellers to interact and communicate SAFELY while we guarantee the transaction between them. Sellers submit their cars to us, and once they pass our comprehensive Multi Point inspection (MPI) and become OTOMOOCH! -CERTIFIED, they are made available to our buyers. Buying a used car can be risky ad painful, that’s why we decided to RE-INVENT IT!

Q: How is OTOMOOCH! different from other companies?

We think of buying and selling cars differently. We have eliminated the unnecessary expenses associated with buying and selling vehicles and we pass the savings on to you. We encourage people to buy and sell online, that means no huge lots or showrooms, no flaky sales people, no inflated prices, and no back-end products and services that you do not need. In addition, we let our customers decide what to pay for the vehicle they are buying.

Q: What type of vehicles does OTOMOOCH! buy and sell?

Unlike other internet companies that only buy and sell vehicles with less than 60,000 miles, OTOMOOCH! buys and sells all type of vehicles even with higher mileage (up to 150,000 miles). We do not discriminate; we do believe that buyers and sellers of all type of vehicles deserve to “Buy and sell SAFELY”.
All vehicles offered for sale on our site have undergone Multi -Point inspection (MPI) and meet the safety, registration, and smog requirements imposed by California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Subject to certain restrictions, most of our vehicles come with FREE 2-day / 250 miles money back guaranty and FREE 30-Day power train warranty so that you can return the vehicle for any reason and receive a full refund, no question asked!

Q: What is OTOMOOCH! “Buy it and Sell it SAFELY!”?

OTOMOOCH! is the buyer for every seller and the seller for every buyer. We take responsibility of every transaction and we promise to eliminate scams and deception from the process of buying and selling. We promise you that you will not get burned in the process. We help you find your dream vehicle in a fun and enjoyable way.[…]

Q: How does “Name Your Own Budget Price” work?

OTOMOOCH! implements a unique marketing approach to the car buying process. We take it one step ahead of everybody else in the market by focusing on price. Here is how: We list and advertize all our cars at cost, and we let our customers buy these cars for a little over cost. Cost price is all-Inclusive, it includes registration, documentation, and inspection fees.

For example, if the vehicle is listed at $10,000 which is our cost of the vehicle, you can name your own price and purchase it for a little over 10,000. You can purchase it for as low as $500 over cost or as high as $2,000 over cost depending on the level of security and protection you need. We have price for every budget!

Q: Why should I buy from OTOMOOCH!?

We help you buy your next vehicle successfully. We believe that buying a vehicle should be an enjoyable experience, it should be transparent and anxiety free. We eliminate the stress-points associated with buying a vehicle; from worrying about the condition of the vehicle to worrying about the price of the vehicle. We remove all hidden surprises and we take the risk out of the process[…]




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